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About us

Give your body what it deserves with PharmaNutrics natural dietary supplements

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PharmaNutrics was launched in 2014 and initially developed and produced three natural dietary supplements. The range has now grown to more than 45 supplements, all of which support the self-regulating capacity of the body, help to prevent and fight diseases and rebalance the body. Pharmacists, doctors and therapists throughout the Benelux countries reach for our extremely high-quality supplements and recommend them to patients and customers.

About us

About our natural food supplements

PharmaNutrics dietary supplements stand out for their unique formulas and high doses of orthomolecular and natural ingredients. All our ingredients have an analysis certificate and comply with European legislation on contaminants and additives.
Our supplements are formulated by a scientific team and are evidence-based in line with the latest medical publications. We rely mainly on Belgian and Dutch producers and work exclusively with certified European suppliers.

We’re happy to share our expertise with you

We’re here to share our expertise with you. The right supplements are good for body and mind – and ultimately that’s reflected in the way you look. We are therefore always ready to answer your questions and give advice, in plain language but based on scientific evidence in every case.
We regularly organise lectures at PharmaNutrics, in which we invite independent speakers (including doctors, therapists and dieticians) to share their knowledge with you. Keep an eye on our website and Facebook page for details.

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